About us

Nice to meet you! We love burgers, 80’s rock ballads and wilderly walks in the woods! We started this blog because we love doing things as a family and exploring all of the amazing things in Edmonton. Our goal is to find the best pet friendly spaces and places, visit them and share them with you. We hope you follow along on this journey with us.

Sarah Bourque is an award winning pet photographer located on beautiful Vancouver Island. Her greatest happiness in the world is capturing the love, joy and silliness that our furry four legged friends add to our lives!

Her fella John has been by her side since November 2000. He is her trusty assistant and his years in the film and television industry mean he has a keen eye for lighting, locations and quirky spots for perfect photos! He also provides a good selection of wine and candy.

Walter was adopted as a wee pup in 2009 from the Edmonton Humane Society. He is a naughty, delightfully hilarious scruffer who makes us laugh every day. He also is the inventor of the “Walter Blanket” This involves him climbing on top of you for a nap, his 45 lbs of white fur keeping you extra cozy on rainy west coast evenings.

Rupert was adopted in 2010 from the Second Chance Animal Rescue. He was 10 weeks old and chose John as his person by running over and sitting on his foot. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Rupert has epilepsy so he can be a little twitchy and gets tired easily, but he is the ultimate scamp and ladies man. He has a wide variety of girlfriend dogs around the neighborhood and can charm even the most nervous pup he encounters. We’ve been told numerous times that he’d be an excellent therapy dog! Besides his pops, he’s also hopelessly in love with his nanna.

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