Happy Accidents.

Walter and I were playing in his pool last evening to cool off. I had the hose and some tennis balls and he had his sass (he has a lot of that, even though he’s a mature gentleman of 10 and a half).

As we were playing I ended up getting water drops on my lens (oops) and I didn’t have my lens cloth with me (double oops) I was only 10ft from my back door, so I could have gone in dried it off but sometimes things happen and you get pleasantly surprised!

I had a peak at the back of my camera and really liked how the setting sun made the water drops look all artsy so I decided to keep going and see what happens. I was telling Walter about my excitement with these images so I’m sure the neighbors think I’m a bit batty. I had my Sigma Art 35 on my camera so I set it wide open to f/1.4 put the shutter to 1/2000sec and started spraying. Keeping the camera dry was a challenge but we still had a lot of fun and I got some really neat images.

We had fun, Walter stayed cool and we made a good proper mess when we went back inside!

Rupert’s not a big fan of the hose so he chose not to partake in this activity…he was much happier having a nap on the couch with his dad. lol!

I hope you’re all getting out and having lots of fun with your pet photos!

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