Love those clouds!

Photography is all about light. There is something so magical about that hour before sunset or after sunrise. The light is glowey and soft and beautiful for photos. However, if it’s overcast on a photoshoot day, I don’t fret! Living on the west coast we tend to get a lot of greyish days so it’s important to befriend whatever mother nature brings our way (except sideways misty rain….cameras don’t really like that). Overcast days may not seem that exciting but you can still get beautiful photo of your glorious pupper!

Here are a few suggestions for embracing the grey days!

  • Get Artsy! Stormy skies are perfect for black and white photos. They have a certain dramatic, moody look that is hard to beat! Make sure you expose for the sky so the highlights don’t get blown out and you lose the details of the cloud cover. When I’m editing black and white cloudy photos I like use the gradient filter tool in lightroom to bump up the contrast and add a bit of dehazing to the sky.
  • Add a bit of color! A bright collar, sweater, toy or bandanna will really stand out among the neutral colors of a grey day. You can also sit among some flowers to brighten things up!
  • Go to the beach! I loooove soft light with driftwood, sand and water. The open spaces on the beach have harsh light in full sun. The shadows can be too dark and the highlights get blown out easily. Cloud cover provides a nice even light! These photos are from a photoshoot with a local vet clinic. It was a rainy morning when we met, but everyone was still good to go and didn’t mind getting wet and sandy!
  • Look for interesting textures! When the light is even, textures add a lot of depth & interest to a photo. It was a rainy day when we photographed Grizzly, however the stormy sky combined with the mossy rocks is very dramatic. (We all decided that he looks like a detective in the Scottish Highlands and he solves crimes with the help of his trusty bird assistant.)
  • Love those neutral, muted tones! I always like to bump up the warmth & saturation a titch to add to the richness of the colors. Nahla came to a smooch session with her mum and dad and they all matched perfectly. The warm colors combined with the grey sky worked so well.

So there you go! I know we’re in a sunny summer spell at the moment so it’s kind of hard to think about grey days but the next time we have one, get out and experiment with some cloudy days photos!


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