Mini Session Locations

We are so lucky to live in such a photogenic part of the world. Victoria is filled with beautiful locations that are perfect for photoshoots, we have our choice of forests, beaches, mountains and urban parks. It’s wonderful!

If you book a mini photo session with me, you have a choice of 5 amazing local areas to go. Mini sessions are short & sweet so these parks are in the greater Victoria area. I know them well and know of sneaky little spots to stop with pretty light trickling through the trees or fields where the grass is shimmery in the golden hour light. They are my trusty “go-to” locations! Each one has a different look and feel so let me tell you all about them!

Macaulay Point Park

Sigh. We love Macaulay Point Park, a little off leash area in Esquimalt with easy paths, cool old military buildings, pretty fields and a small beach area. This is a great spot if you want a more industrial styled photo shoot and love the textures of concrete & brick.

Saxe Point Park

Saxe Point Park is just down the street from Macaulay. One side of this beautiful little park is off leash and it has everything you need for a photoshoot. It’s especially good if your pup is older because it had good access and the paths are easy to navigate. It also has a cute little beach and lots of pretty flowers in the spring and summer.


I had actually forgotten about Mt.Tolmie until a couple of years ago. We used to go there in high school when we were bored teenagers, but I never really explored the trails. Now it’s one of my favorite photo places for photos, especially in the summer and fall. The colors are beautiful in the golden hour glow. We get a great variety of places to stop and have a nice leisurely walk along the way (remember to wear comfy shoes as there are some rock bits). I like to veer off the main trail and explore the little side areas!

Cattle Point

Cattle Point is another popular spot, especially if you love driftwood and your pup wants a quick dip! It has a great west coast feel and is very easy to get around. It can be busy in the summer, especially at sunset, but there are still quiet spots to pose!

Uplands Park

Uplands Park is part of the same park system as Cattle Point (and they are a great combo for a full photo session!). Uplands is one of our favorite walking areas, it’s peaceful and a great photo spot, especially in the summer and fall. There are Gerry Oaks, grassy fields, and rocky areas to play. Walter especially loves in during the rainy season because there are some epic puddles to run through!

So there we go! Those are my trusty, favorite Victoria places to visit for mini (or full!) photo sessions. They are all beautiful in there own special way!

I am always looking for new pretty locations (ideally off leash) so if you have a hidden gem that you like to visit in the greater victoria area, leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to check it out!


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