Capturing those goofy moments.

Oh goofy pupper moments. I adore them! Those sassy zooms and sneaky side eyes. The look of mischief before they do something naughty and hilarious. When dogs are so full of joy that they exude it from every pore and bound about with as much energy as they can muster.

All of my photo sessions are part of a walk. We go for a stroll and stop along the way to do our poses in pretty spots. However, the in-between moments are when they let can let loose (this also works to our advantage because a zoomy run leads to a few moments of sitting pretty!).

I love capturing these moments of pure dog joy. It’s infectious and hilarious.

Some dogs, especially older ones are happy just to saunter along and don’t zoom as fast as they used to, but they are still so happy to be out with their people that we can still capture that joy they feel!

Here are some tips to capture some great dog joy photos!

  • Be prepared! If dogs start playing or running or rolling in glee in the grass I start snapping. I use a continuous shutter at a minimum of 1/1000 sec and do a rapid fire. I have my focus set to single point and use back button focusing so I can track the action!
  • Take photos while they are having a drink, a treat or are playing with their favorite toy. You can get some great facial expressions!
  • Get low. I always like to sit, kneel or lay on the ground (I really do need knee pads! lol). This gets you on their level and a better perspective to capture their exuberance!
  • If you have more than one dog and they like to wrestle and play, get close to them but be prepared to move fast if they come your way! (don’t let them run you over…I’ve had that happen…) A zoom lens really comes in handy for this! I learned that the hard way! lol.
  • Have fun! We all love nice posed photos, but goofy photos can really capture their personalities and sass!

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