Our Morning Adventure – Mount Douglas Park

We love Mt.Doug. It’s a beautiful park about 15 mins from our house. There are over 21km of trails, beautiful old growth forest, gigantic ferns and lots of peace and quiet. It’s such a good size area that some weekday mornings we don’t see anyone. It’s lovely!

We used to do the trail around the base of the mountain but little Rupert has a weak back end now so the climbs are a little too rough for him (I’m looking into getting him a K9 Sport Sack for longer adventures so stay tuned for that!)

We do a smaller trail now, we call it the “Roops Loop”. We start at the main parking lot and walk 1 km in one direction , then turn around and walk back (Sometimes if he’s feeling sassy we make it all the way to the fern gully which adds another km to the stroll).

Walter uses this time to explore, eat sticks and smell all the smells. He’s in his element and knows that when he gets home he’ll have some cheese and nap.

I use this time to clear my head, get inspired for the day and take photos of the boys being happy puppers. It’s a little bit of perfection close to the city. That’s one of the great things about living where we do!

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