Looking up!

One of my favorite perspectives is to have my model up on a perch and I’m crouched below. It could be a large rock, a tree stump, a picnic table…anything that gets them off the ground. It doesn’t have to be high, you just need to be lower then then them with room to angle the camera up.

I love having the sky as the backdrop. The simplicity and bright color of blue skies or the texture of clouds, both make the dog the focal point and really make the photo pop!

Here are a few tips for you if you want to give it a try!

  • Make sure you have treats and squeaker (or make loud funny noises) to get their attention! There is a lot to see when they’re up there!
  • If your model isn’t keen on sitting still (My Walter is like that!), you can have someone holding the leash down their back so it won’t show up in the photo.
  • Have them facing the light (so the sun is behind you or off to the side slightly). This will keep the sky blue and not washed out. This doesn’t apply if your doing a silhouette…but that’s another blog post!
  • Remember, some pups are like little billy goats and climb on everything but others like to be on low ground with their people. Make sure your model is comfortable, you want them happy and relaxed and safe!

The most important thing is to have fun and play!


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