Puppers + B&W = Artsy perfection.

Sigh. I love black and white portraits of animals. When color is taken out of the equation we focus on the texture, the glints of light on the fur and the sassy look in those soulful eyes. They make my heart ridiculously happy and I tend to squeal a lot when I’m editing them (sorry John! lol!)

When anyone books a photo session, they always get some b&w versions of their photos as an extra bonus. They look amazing framed in a classic black frame with a white matte.

I think all animals look like majestic, artsy supermodels when they are in b&w (seriously! just look at these lovelies!)

If you’ve been wanting to try experimenting with b&w photos, here are some tips & tricks!

  • Pay attention to the textures around your model. Grass, leaves, bricks, wood. They all look amazing and will really make your pup stand out. If you have a camera where you can change lenses, use one with a wider aperture. This gives you a shallow depth of field, which means your dog is in focus, but the background is soft and dreamy. I’ll be doing a gear blog post soon so I’ll be able to tell you more about the what I use!
  • Expose correctly in camera for the situation. This is really important with both light and dark colored dogs. Blown out highlights or crushed blacks don’t give you the details that really stand out with b&w photos. If it’s a sunny day and you have a white dog, underexpose the shot by a stop or find a shady spot to sit. If you have a black dog, find a spot where the light is brighter to brighten up the fur!
  • Play with different photo editing software! I edit all of my photos in lightroom and use Silver Effect Pro by Nik Software for 95% of my b&w conversions. I also have Tribe Archipelago & Mastin Labs that offer great b&w presets . They all have different looks so depending on the photo I might try a couple and them add all my own tweaks to get the look I want. I’ll even use the instagram and iphone b&w filters with my phone pics. They are quick, easy and great for social media.

My best advice is to get out, play and get artsy! Experiment with light and textures. It’s great fun and you’ll be amazed at the art you create!

Follow my instagram for more pupper photos and tag your b&w pics with “#wallyandroops_bnw” so I can see the beauty you’ve created!

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