Walter & Rupert visit Island View Beach


Island View Beach is a little bit of beachy heaven about half an hour from Downtown Victoria. If you’re driving towards Sidney on the Pat Bay Highway , take a right at Mitchell’s Farm and follow the road to the parking lot. It’s very easy to get to and there is a good size parking lot.

Dogs aren’t allowed off leash on the beach in the Summer but we always prefer the months when it’s quieter so it suits us just fine!

We grabbed our coffees out of the truck and ventured down the beach. We usually meander and stop along the way so we always plan to be there for about an hour!

The tide was in during our visit so there wasn’t much beach to run on. We ended up alternating between the sandy areas and the path which runs parallel to the beach (John has a sore knee so he preferred the flat path!)

Walter & Rupert always enjoy a swim (even if it’s freezing) and Walter loves to chase sticks. There were some good ones that had washed ashore in the recent stormy weather but sadly the best one I found sank so I was the recipient of some dirty looks…

After everyone got wet, they found an open area and had a zoomy wrestle (as they tend to do…lol) and then Walter got distracted by another good stick.

Yup. That’s a good stick.

We ventured back down to the Water. Walter ignored a dead fish which made me very proud (and got him extra treats!) he has been known to play keep away with such things which is slightly gross…lol.

After everyone was sufficiently sandy and tuckered out, we started to make our way back to the truck (stopping for a few model poses along the way!)

If you’ve never been to Island View Beach we definitely recommend a visit. We usually prefer when the tide is out and the beach is huuuuge but sometimes the timing doesn’t work out that way. Luckily it’s beautiful any time of the day and boys always have a great time!

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