Walter & Rupert visit Macaulay Point


We visit Macaulay Point Park in Esquimalt quite a lot (it can be accessed from Fleming Beach, as well as from Clifton Terrace off Munro Street). It has a lovely off leash area, beautiful scenery and lots of little places to explore.


We keep the pups on leash as we pass by the rock climbers and Fleming Beach. Once we get to the breakwater the leashes come off and they can run like the wind (or saunter and sniff…whatever they prefer!)  Rupert can get a bit weak in his back end, so the wide paths and easy trail are perfect for him when he wants to take it easy!

rupert park

This was once a coastal defence fortification built in the late 1800’s so there are lots of cool buildings, old gun emplacements and a guard tower (with a cool tunnel leading to it!). Last summer they installed a series of informative signs around the park, telling you what each building was used for. It’s very interesting and Walter & Rupert have lots of fun exploring!

I take a lot of photos here! I’m a sucker for textures and lighting and this place has it all! Below is a small selection of some of my favourite photos with Walter and Rupert here over the last couple of years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

For more info about dogs visiting Esquimalt parks visit:

and click here for pdf map that has the off-leash areas highlighted.

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