Rupert visits Damali Lavender Farm and Winery


It was a slightly rainy Saturday but that didn’t deter us from having an adventure! Rupert grabbed his nanna & grampy and we all jumped in the truck and headed towards Cobble Hill. Located at 3500 Telegraph rd, Damali was about 5 mins off the highway, had a lot of good signage and was a lovely discovery! You can read their story on their website here


The rain stopped for us (Woo-hoo!) so we proceeded to explore the grounds! They have over 25 different types of lavender and a vineyard to wander through. Pets are welcome, as long as they are on leash and picked up after.

We were really intrigued by the labyrinth so we followed the signs to the bottom of hill…


According to their website:

 Damali labyrinth is a turf labyrinth of classic Cretan design ( 4000 year old pattern) set down in a dell backed by large cedar trees and adjacent lavender fields. The pathway allows you to trust the path , no need to make decisions or choose the correct path as you do in a maze. Walking the pathway of a labyrinth gives rise to a sense of calm, centering , creativity and connection. There is a gazebo as well as logs or rocks, where you may sit in stillness and quiet for as long as you wish after a walk.

Rupert and his grampy entered into the labyrinth and took a moment to wander and reflect.

After the labyrinth we made our way back up the hill. I posed with Rupert in front of the grape vines because I love both him and wine!

Then we popped into the gift shop and wine tasting room!


(As you can see, Rupert’s nanna loves wine too!)

The gift shop was lovely! It had a wide selection of lavender products so needless to say, it smelled fantastic.

They also sell their award winning wines. We purchased a bottle that had a hint of lavender and it was delicious! (You can read about their different wines here). If you bring your own lunch, they even have a licensed picnic area to enjoy. It was a little to rainy on our visit but I thought it would be a great idea for a romantic date!

Rupert was very welcomed on both the grounds and in the shop, everyone petted him on the head and told him he was handsome. He also took a moment to greet everyone who came in (he is a delightful pup!)


We thoroughly enjoyed out visit to Damali Lavender and highly recommend it. Be sure to visit and follow them Facebook Instagram and their website

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