Rupert explores Fernwood


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Fernwood is our stompin’ ground and we love it. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood full of fabulous houses, artists and tons of  character. Fernwood Square is the heart of it all, located at Gladstone and Fernwood Ave. and anchored by the Belfry Theatre. There you’ll find a great selection of delightful shops and amazing restaurants to visit.

We walk through the square on a daily basis so we thought it would be fun to have a leisurely stroll, pop into some dog friendly shops and have a bite to eat in the sunshine. Rupert loves adventures with his nanna, and her birthday is on Monday so he thought it would be a lovely treat.


Our first stop was Luna Collective (2000 Fernwood Rd). A beautiful little shop at the corner of the square. It’s filled with vintage pretties and wonderful things created by local artists and designers.

We asked Eryn why she thinks being a pet friendly business is important, and she told us:

“I think being a pet friendly business is an important part of connecting with your community. I am so happy to have my shop in the vibrant Fernwood Square, and part of what makes the square so amazing is the people and animals that I see and meet every day. I wan’t pet owners to feel at ease knowing that they can pop into the shop while they are out and about with their furry friends, and that they will receive a warm welcome in the shop. I love connecting with my customers, and meeting their animals just makes it even better!”

She also told us about a pup named Rosie:

“I have met a lot of really lovely pets in the shop, but the most memorable would be Rosie. I hired Megan to work at the shop in November, and her lovely childhood dog was visiting from Alberta. Rose loves being in the shop and getting to interact with the customers. She has been back to visit Fernwood a few times, and always accompanies Megan to work.”

Rupert and his nanna had a lovely time checking everything out and Rupert got a lot of pets on the head! We thoroughly enjoyed out visit to Luna Collective, and if you haven’t popped in yet, you definitely should! Visit their website: and follow them on instagram: @luna_collective

We were getting a bit hungry so our next stop was the Fernwood Inn (1302 Gladstone). They have a great patio and great food! The perfect place for a mid-adventure snack!

DSC_2011We chatted with the general manager, Mike, and he told us that pets are welcome on the patio! They just need to be on a short leash, be well behaved and happy to chill out under the table. It’s a busy place with a lot of good food so that totally makes sense. Rupert was given a big bowl of cold water, an ear rub, and sat patiently for some yam fries.

I have to say that I went there specifically for the chicken strips. They are so  delicious (we also got the poutine!). We had a great time and enjoyed the sunshine!

Visit for more info. Follow them in instagram @thefernwoodinn and facebook: Thefernwoodinn

After our bellies were full we crossed the street to Studio 1313 (1313 Gladstone Ave.)


Now if you followed along with my Victoria shop dog series last year, you know that we featured the lovely Daisy (studio 1313’s greeter/snuggler extraordinaire) Well, Rupert loves to flirt with cute shop dogs so he stopped by so he could say hi. She was a little aloof to his charms but he was smitten! When I make my next hair appointment, Rupert might insist on coming along…

Visit for more info and follow them on facebook: Studio1313hair and instagram:  @studio1313hair

The next place we visited as the Fernwood Pizza Company. They are new on the street and delicious!


They also have a nice dog friendly patio on the side of the building. We were still too full from our lunch to have another lunch (although I have done that before!) but I stopped in and got a slice to go to take home to my fella (he loved it and kept going on about the yummy crust!). I love that you can buy pizza by the slice there (and ice cream and beer!). Rupert was hoping that the pizza was for him but he’d have to wait until he got home to get a nibble.

Visit their website:  and follow them on facebook: Fernwood Pizza Company  and on instagram: @fernwoodpizzacompany

Our next stop was 7 Rays New Age Store. We had never visited this store before but were so happy we finally did!


My mom was swooning over the wonderful scents and beautiful things! She got herself some birthday treats (scented oils and incense for her office) and we had a lovely chat with Atousa. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and obviously an animal lover. Rupert was a little shy at first but warmed up to her very quickly!

Atousa told us about some of the animals that have visited the shop. There have been dogs, a parrot and even a ferret!

I asked her why being a pet friendly business is important to her and she said:

“I’ve always been a pet and animal lover since i remember. Healing vibes and good energy is what we share with everyone at our space and when customers visit us with their pets, they bring joy and laughter and that adds to all that healing vibes. “

Visit for more info.Follow them on Facebook: 7 Rays New Age and instagram: @7rays.newage

The final stop of our adventure was Graham Grooming, because you can’t have a dog friendly afternoon without mentioning the dog groomer in the square.


They were busy with pup clients when we stopped by but were nice enough to let me take a few photos while I was there. Rupert needs a nail trim so we’ll have to pop back another time.

For more information on their hours and services visit

and follow them on facebook: Graham Grooming

We ended our journey with the 5 min walk home. It’s so nice to explore our local neighborhoods and so important to visit the shops that we might just pass by during the hustle and bustle of our days. It’s also lovely to know how many places are pet friendly!


Thank you so much to everyone who let mom, Rupert and I stop by and take some photos! We had a delightful time! xoxo

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