Walter & Rupert visit Sandcut Beach

Oh Vancouver Island. You have so many rugged, beautiful beaches that are worth exploring! We recently visited Sandcut Beach in Jordan River (31 km past Sooke). Walter & Rupert love a good beach frolic so we popped them in the truck and went on an adventure. We had never been to this beach before, but had heard it was lovely (and we weren’t disappointed) It was slightly overcast and early enough that we had the beach pretty much to ourselves (yay!)


The parking lot was easy to spot from the road, and there were info signs for us to read. We always like to know the dog rules before we venture anywhere!


Walter and Rupert were super excited about the trail leading down to the beach, it took about 10 mins down the stairs and over bridges.

So many new sniffs to check out and things to see (Walter was a little unsure of the forest watchers! lol!)


“It’s behind me isn’t it?”


When we got to the bottom of the stairs we could see the beach through the trees! sigh. so pretty.


“Hurry up and get down here!”


We were told the waterfalls were to the left so we headed in that direction.


After a few minutes we spied them splashing onto the beach. It’s been rather warm and dry lately so the falls weren’t super big, but they were still so pretty!


Walter had a lot of fun checking them out…

Rupert thought they were cool but he was more interested in sniffing driftwood!


“yup, lots of driftwood to sniff, I better get started”


After a play in the falls, we continued exploring! Walter found a cool cave…


“hmmm…no cookies in here…”


Rupert thought a swim would be a good idea.. but he didn’t think about waves (the waves might have been wee but so is Rupert!)

DSC_0006DSC_9895 - Copy

After a lovely walk we started to make our way back to the trail. We enjoyed having the beach to ourselves (when we left the parking lot was starting to get busy!)


We took our time and the pups had some good runs and a few more splashes in the water.

I also had to take an artsy shot….because that’s what needs to be done when you’re surrounded by so much prettiness!


We made our way back up the stairs towards the parking lot . Rupert’s legs were tired so it took us a little longer to make our way back but he toughed it out (knowing he could nap on the drive home!)

I love morning like these. No cell service, no stress, just us together exploring something new. We will definitely be back!



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