Rupert visits Baggins and checks out some cool shoes!


Sigh. Oh Baggins. The most wonderful place at 580 Johnson St. is full of beautiful shoes and back packs in every pretty colour imaginable!


As a Converse lover, it’s great to know that the worlds best selection is a 20 min walk from my house. I’m also a Dr.Martens lover and was thinking that I really needed to invest in a pair of boots for photo shoots. A while back, I saw a contest on their instagram page for a pair of said boots. I entered and my name was drawn as the winner! Squeeeee! SO much excitement!


I asked Baggins if they were pet friendly and they responded with a very enthusiastic “OMG Yes!” So I gathered up my fella, my camera and Mr.Roops and we went to pick up my prize! It was very exciting!


Mr.Roops is a big shoe fan, usually when we come home, he’ll grab the nearest one and will run around the house with it for a few minutes. He doesn’t eat them (well not any more), he just prances around for a bit. silly bub.


I asked Baggins why they chose to be a pet friendly space and they said:

“One day 15 years ago, Baggins had a black cat come stay with us while his owners were out of town and he never left. That black cat was Fraidy Cat, our resident shop cat who roamed the Paper Box Arcade, greeted every customer and lifted the staff’s spirits. Fraidy Cat passed away in 2015 but Baggins has always felt that allowing pets into our store makes it a better place. The director, Tara, brings her two dogs to work daily, and we always have treats and smile for any visiting furry friends. Baggins understands that our pets are part of your family and we want them to be apart of the Baggins Fam’ as well.”

Our love of pets hasn’t changed since the days of Fraidy as our mascot and beloved shop cat. We still have people coming in who ask about him on a regular basis, so we know his love was spread far and wide. We love having visits from all sort of critters in the shop, we’ve even had an iguana once! In the dog days of summer, we even have a bowl of pooch hooch (AKA water) outside for any thirsty passer by. Rest assured we have plenty of treats behind the till and time for a scratch behind the ear or a belly rub for all our four legged friends.

It was very obvious that there is a love for our furry friends at this shop! Rupert enjoyed all the pets on the head and compliments about this handsomeness! Below are some more photos! Enjoy!

Also be sure to visit Baggin’s website:

Their Facebook Page:

and their instagram:

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