Rupert & his nanna have a Harbour Ferry Adventure


Oh the delightful Victoria Harbour Ferries. They are a huge part of Victoria’s tourism scene and a great way to get around (they are also adorable!).


According to their website,, they’ve been serving Victoria for over 25 years and have transported over 3,000,000 passengers! I had heard that they were pet friendly so I reached out to see if Rupert and I could hop on board. We were so excited when they said we could! yay! We set up a time with Sabina and then popped down to the Inner Harbour bright and early and set sail to Fisherman’s Wharf. Rupert even wore his new nautical t-shirt! lol!


I asked Victoria Harbour Ferries about their pet policies and this is what they said:

“VHFC is incredibly welcoming towards pets. In the office we have our resident dog who comes to work with us. As for the ferries, dogs just have to be well-mannered and leashed to board our ferries. Our captains do ensure that all the other passengers have confirmed that they are ok with having a pet onboard. We ensure that none of the our passengers have allergies, are afraid of animals etc. It works great for us because Victoria is such a pet friendly city.

We recommend that pets be okay with the loud noises that are occurring in the Inner Harbour and that they are okay with being on a moving vessel for the designated time”

Rupert was greeted with lots of ear rubs and compliments on his handsomeness, then he just happily climbed aboard the waiting ferry and was ready to go!!


My usual trusty assistant was busy, so I enlisted my mom to help with the photos. Rupert is hopelessly in love with his nanna so he was very happy to have her to himself without his brother or aunty pups.


We had never been on a Harbour Ferry before but I think everyone should experience it! It gave us a new perspective on our beautiful city and Captain Doug was a wealth of information. He told us lots of stories about many of our famous buildings and our inner harbour.



We especially liked the view of the last bits of our old blue bridge!


Harbour Ferries don’t just putter around the inner harbour, they have longer tours of the Harbour and Gorge, the Pickle pub crawl and even their famously awesome Water Ballet!


Rupert had never been on small boat before but he knew he was in safe hands with his new friend Captain Doug and he eventually fell asleep! It was a lovely relaxing way to start the day!



Here at Wally & Roops we think it’s awesome how many local businesses are pet friendly and Victoria Harbour Ferries agree! They told us:

“We feel that pet friendly places are important because it allows for our pets to be with or near us consistently especially if it’s raining or windy out, in pet friendly places our pets don’t have to wait outside. Plus the pets I’ve met have been super well behaved and calm. As I mentioned it’s awesome being able to bring them to work rather than leaving them home alone for hours!”

We had so much fun this morning and will definitely be hopping on board a Harbour Ferry again!! Thanks so much for our great tour!


Below are some more photos from our adventure! Enjoy! And be sure to follow Victoria Harbour Ferries on Instagram and Facebook


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