Rupert visits Butchart Gardens

Beautiful Butchart Gardens is one of Victoria’s top tourist destinations. The 55 acres of gardens and meandering paths are lovely every season and it’s dog friendly !!

  When we arrived, Rupert was given biscuits and ear rubs by the staff at the information desk and they mentioned that are dog water dishes with filtered water throughout the park. They also have biodegradable refuse bags available. We started our walk at 9:30am, it was still quiet and the sun was peaking through the trees. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Here are some tips they provide visitors to the garden who are bringing their pets!

  • Use a short leash
  • Stop by the visitor centre when you first arrive and get your four-legged friend a complimentary treat
  • In the warmer summer months, it’s best to come in the morning or after 4pm once it has cooled down a bit. (Avoid high heat/high foot traffic time)
  • We highly recommend keeping pets at home for Firework Saturdays, as the noise can be distressing. If your pet is travelling with you, you can take them to your vehicle before the show. Always leave windows open enough for air to circulate and closed enough to keep them safely in the vehicle.

I also asked why they think being a pet friendly place is important.

“Because we have so many visitors who are travelling to The Gardens in their own vehicles, it quite often they bring their pet. It’s important to us that pets are not left in vehicles and so we encourage them to enjoy The Gardens with their family.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the gardens and Mr.Roops had fun exploring and checking everything out!

Be sure to click on the links to the Butchart Garden’s social media pages for more information and photos of beautiful flowers and plants:

Below are our photos from our garden adventure! Enjoy!

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