Charlie Visits Hotel Zed and practices her super model poses.


This delightful little lady is Charlie and she was kind enough to be a guest contributor for Rupert’s blog while he wasn’t feeling well. (Rupert has epilepsy and, very rarely,  his back legs get weak and he can’t walk for a few days. It doesn’t cause any pain but it requires a trip to the vet, a cortisone shot, and a lot of rest, snuggles and treats. He’s already on the mend and back on his feet! Thank goodness!)

So, while Rupert was getting spoiled by his nanna and grampop, we took their delightful moppet to the super awesome and pet friendly Hotel Zed (3110 Douglas Street) They were so kind to let us visit and take photos, as well as providing lots of info about their pet policies.


Now….I have to say that you can’t visit Hotel Zed and just “snap a few pics”. There are so many funky spots and spaces that before long you get super inspired and end up having a full on stylized photo shoot! (We always follow the rules and kept Charlie on her leash, but I removed it in photoshop on some of the really artsy shots. I got so excited editing them that I couldn’t help myself!)


Hotel Zed is cool, colorful and chock full of super awesome amenities like a ping pong lounge, a pink waterslide , long board rentals, a VW shuttle van and a retrofitted Airstream (basically an instagrammers dream!)

I asked about the pet friendly amenities that they offer their guests and they said:

“We have pet-friendly rooms available at both of our hotels (we also have a Hotel Zed in Kelowna) and $1 from each night’s pet cleaning fee goes to the BCSPCA for pets who don’t have it as good as yours. We also give you a special doggy towel when you check in with a dog, and tucked into it are some treats and some doggy bags”


I also asked if they had any tips for guests who are visiting with their pet:

“Make sure you leave your cell phone number with the front desk if you’re going to leave your pet alone in the room for any stretch of time. That way we can call you if your pet is missing you too much! We also usually recommend putting on your dog’s leash BEFORE you open the door to the room to leave. Even the best behaved dogs can get overexcited with all the new sights and smells at Hotel Zed and take off!”

That’s great advice, as there is definitely a lot to see and a lot of hustle and bustle!

When asked if they had any memorable pet stories they said:

“Not everyone has a dog! We’ve had rabbits, cats, birds, iguanas…”

ummmm…I think an iguana photo shoot would be amazing…just saying!


I always ask why they think being a pet friendly establishment is important, they told me:

“Many of us at Hotel Zed are pet-parents ourselves, and we know that it can be really tough to leave your pet behind when you go away. Sometimes the logistics just don’t work out and sometimes you don’t want to leave them behind! We think it’s important to pick a fun hotel that welcomes your WHOLE family with open arms!”

Below are the photos from Charlie’s adventure at Hotel Zed  from her visit. Enjoy!

PS. If you stop by, be sure to check out the Ruby, a very hip and delicious restaurant that shares the lobby. I was trying to take our photos but kept getting distracted by the yummy looking breakfasts that people were enjoying  (I am definitely going back there for some eggs benny!)


Thanks again to everyone at Hotel Zed for making Charlie feel so welcome! We’ll be sure to stop by again and say hi!

Be sure to visit their website, fb and instagram pages for more info!

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