Meet Walter & Rupert


Meet Walter & Rupert. Our two terrier mixes. Walter is 9, gives the best cuddles and runs like the wind. Rupert is 8, is full of mischief, sings loudly and is a mouth kisser (Seriously, that’s how he wakes us up every morning. lol) They’re our little adventuresome scamps and this new project is perfect for them. Last year we had great fun with our Shop Dog series so we are doing something new for 2018. We are compiling a list of pet friendly businesses, patios, tourist attractions and hotels around Victoria (and eventually Vancouver Island). We’ll stop by these places, take a few photos of them checking them out and then do a blog post (and share on social media).  Walter sometimes gets anxious in new situations so he’ll be staying home during visits to busy places (he’ll be getting snuggles and toast crusts with his nanna and grampy so he’ll be very happy!)

We love supporting local and sharing this kind of information to other pet lovers! So please follow along and if you have any suggestions of places to include in our list, please send me a message!!!


Sarah, Walter & Rupert

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